The Pants Project x Bumble


Getting To The Bottom Of Mental Health: In July of 2018, The Pants Project and Fruity Booty Underwear teamed up with Bumble UK to put on a night of discussion, community and meditation, to raise money for Mind (one of the UK’s leading mental health charities) in support of mental health awareness. The night consisted of a panel event discussing how underwear can be empowering, wonky mental health and how to cope with it in this modern world, featuring Scarlett Curtis (co-founder of The Pink Protest, writer, activist), Charly Cox (poet, activist), Elyse Fox (founder of The Sad Girls Club, filmmaker, activist), Charlie Craggs (founder of Nail Transphobia, activist) and Ella Grace Denton (co-founder of Stories Behind Things, musician, activist). After the panel, Lucy Sheridan gave an important workshop on comparison and keeping mentally fit in the social media age, followed by a beautiful meditation session led by Michael Miller from London Meditation Centre to bring the evening to a close. Thank you to EVERYONE involved for what will certainly be a night to remember.


check out Mind to see what an incredible charity they are 💗P.S. watch the video in our header made by Clementine Cusack to see what we got up to in July with Bumble for mental health awareness!

Feminists Don’t Wear Pink


Feminists Don’t Wear Pink: Our founder, Tasha Bishop, is one of 52 women including Emma Watson, Jameela Jamil, Zoe Sugg, Jodie Whitaker, Gemma Arterton, Emma Gannon, Adwoa Aboah and many more, who were asked to write about what the ‘f-word’ (meaning feminism, of course) means to them. The book is curated by Scarlett Curtis (founder of The Pink Protest, and panelist for our Bumble mental health awareness event!), and was published by Penguin in October 2018. Tasha wrote about her MRKH diagnosis and how it affected her entirely negatively initially, until she discovered the power of pants and launched the Pants Project to remind women (and men) that we are multitudinous marvels capable of just about anything, regardless of anything.




In December 2017, the world witnessed what can only be described as a turning point for periods… enter: The #FreePeriods Protest! Organised by The Pink Protest, thousands of women walked through the streets of London to raise awareness for period poverty and call on the government to change laws surrounding the taxing of menstrual health products to provide free sanitary products for girls on free school meals. The evening was incredible, and seen across the world as an example of what gen-Z is capable of when it comes to changing the world, and all of us here at The Pants Project were honoured to have partnered with The Pink Protest in organising the march, press and exposure of the whole event. Amika George, founder of the #FreePeriods movement, recently won the Campaign Award at The Goalkeepers 2018 Global Goals Awards from Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. We could not be more proud.