Fertility Network UK is the leading national patient fertility charity providing support, advice, information and understanding for the one in six couples, and others, who are affected by fertility problems. We are happy to support Tasha Bishop and The Pants Project; the pain and damage caused by fertility struggles is immense and affects individuals on many levels: physically, emotionally, and socially. For women, feeling a loss of femininity and womanhood is all too common. We hope The Pants Project will help women feel feminine and beautiful no matter what fertility issues they are facing; that is why we wholeheartedly support The Pants Project and it's creator, Tasha.


Fertility Network UK provides free and impartial help, support, advice and understanding for anyone affected by fertility problems:

  • For women and men considering their future fertility
  • For individuals trying to become parents
  • For anyone facing the challenges of childlessness
  • For people successful after fertility problems

Fertility Network UK does not receive any statutory funding, and relies on grants and the generosity of supporters. Donations to the charity are used to provide support, advice, information and understanding in the following ways:

Supportline and helpline:

It is crucial that people can speak to someone at their time of need. For many people, Fertility Network UK’s staff and volunteers are the only ones they can turn to, perhaps because they have not told family and friends about their fertility issues, or simply because it hurts too much to share with people who themselves may be parents. 

Support and information line: individuals needing professional support or advice can speak with the charity’s fertility nurse, who also has counselling experience.

UK-wide face-to-face peer support groups: we organise and run local peer support groups throughout the UK where individuals can meet face-to-face with others experiencing fertility problems.

Online and social media support:

We operate an online fertility support community and social media sites. Our website provides free and impartial advice and information on all aspects of fertility problems.

Awareness raising; education and lobbying:

The charity works to raise awareness of the impact of fertility issues with the public and media; to promote fertility education with the aim of maintaining fertility, and to campaign for fair provision of NHS-funded fertility treatment throughout the UK.