I can’t believe its only been a month since I last ambled on about all things underwear! December was the biggest month yet for everyone at The Pants Project. We launched our online shop, including our beautiful necklace and collection of undies from Isadore Intimates and Fleur of England. Having been very lucky this year in the stocking department (as in the thing Father Christmas fills with presents every year - not the very annoying hosiery type things that have a knack at falling down) I am excited to announce that whilst I pen this piece, I am wearing MY VERY OWN PAIR (!!!) of Isadore Intimates - the beautiful and favourite Ava set - whilst feeling bloody marvellous about my derrière… I suppose pants really do make miracles happen! If you were particularly well behaved this year and made it onto the extra nice list, guaranteeing yourself a pair of Pants Project undies, or a very special necklace, please send us your peach so we can show the world of Instagram how powerful we are! Girls who wear pants together, stay together. Fact. 

So moving on from my none other than frankly royal underwear, I shall move on to far more important matters… more pants. So what have we been up to, besides guzzling incredible amounts of pigs in blankets, washed down with a hearty pint of mulled wine? 

Whilst navigating my first university exams, I have been hard at work getting our new website up and running (feeling like quite the techno wizard I must admit) and FINALLY giving you guys access to some beautiful lingerie so that you could restock for 2017: a year that hopefully will not steal all of our favourite icons (this blog post is dedicated to all artist royalty who have gone to a galaxy far far away… Carrie, Bowie, Prince, and all the other icons and heroes/heroines… We miss you) and promises lucrative amounts of meaningful undies from The Pants Project. 

Not only did we launch our online collection, but we have been beavering away to organise what will be the best Valentine’s Day event ever to exist in history. EVER. And obviously we don't exaggerate at all over here at The Pants Project, so you know you’re in for a winner. We have a huge range of designer undies (from bigs to littles), some beautiful jewellery and a few other gorgeous surprises lined up for you. The event will go live on the 31st of December (tomorrow!) via our Facebook page, along with all the juicy deets, so make sure you RSVP, bag yourself a ticket and get your party pants ready for what I can assure you will be a Pants Party to remember. 

We have also become terrible gossips over here at The Pants Project, feeling the need to tell the WHOLE WORLD what we’ve been up to and why pants are just the peachiest of things. We did our press release and have had offers of interviews from a number of people (including Vogue!) as well as commissions for me to spill the beans from a few different mags - it feels good to be getting the word out, spreading the love and generally making waves… all pretty exciting stuff! To top it all off, I did my first ever podcast with the lovely Fertility Poddy. The Fertility Podcast’s presenter Natalie was lovely, interested and very respectful of my privacy and it was a real pleasure to talk to her about the project. The podcast will be up in the New Year I think, so I will be sure to share it with you all then, but in the mean time, have a listen to some of her others at: 


Amid finishing my second first term of uni (try, try, and try again pals) and planning my world domination, was a very enjoyable Christmas break. I had a social media cleanse, ate lots and generally chilled out - ’twas magnificent. However, whilst I was having a breather, war was raging on the other side of the world. Aleppo. I need not describe the horrors of what is happening there because I am sure you are all well aware, but I must admit, the news of countless attacks and continued destruction really got to me. Being infiltrated with tragic and extremely uncomfortable images of dusty children, covered in blood, so traumatised by the horrors in front of them that they were unable to cry, whilst I was cosy in my Christmas PJs and fluffy Uggs, you can imagine I felt pretty insignificant. It made me wonder whether infertility and body positivity was a cause I actually should be focusing on… is it important when the world is falling apart? And then I remembered all the amazing messages I have been sent since setting up The Pants Project. From strangers, loved ones, acquaintances and old friends, I have genuinely had countless messages of thanks, love and support from people in regards to the project. What we are doing is important, and whilst a terrible war is raging in Syria, we mustn't deem ourselves unworthy of love and our problems as completely irrelevant. Yes, Aleppo is truly horrific and tragic and without belittling it at all, I wish I could click my fingers and make it all better, but I can’t. We must remember that things are relative, and perspective is important. We might not be able to ‘change the world’ just like that, but there are little things we can do, step by step, to improve the world. Whether that's donating to Save The Children’s Syria Appeal (http://www.savethechildren.org.uk/about-us/emergencies/syria-appeal) or making yourself feel proud of who you are, loving the body you were born into regardless of it’s genetic makeup and counting your blessings… these are all important things. 

On Christmas day I went to Gloucester Cathedral for a spot of carol singing and other such festivities. Although I would not associate myself particularly with any specific religion, I definitely hope to uphold ‘christian values’ and generally be the best version of myself possible. Sitting in a beautiful church, decked out in my jingle bells Christmas jumper, surrounded by family, having got thoroughly stuck into Hark the Herald, I was feeling extremely fuzzy. Lucky from the roots of my hair, down to the tips of my toes, filled with some kind of spiritual love. And then came the most inspiring sermon I have ever heard. Delivered by the FEMALE (pretty cool) Bishop of Gloucester, Rachel Treweek, I was tearing up by the second paragraph. A female Bishop was preaching about body positivity and young women changing the world… can it get any better than that? 

Here is my favourite extract from her sermon: 

“Earlier this year I was disturbed by statistics regarding unhappiness in young people - particularly in girls - which is rooted in the way they view their physical appearance. What is most disturbing is the impact this is having on mental health.

I decided that in visits to schools I would talk about this issue as a way of talking about our identity, and not least to share my deep desire for every person to fulfil their potential and become the person God has created them to be - To discover that they are loved and known by God and that our value and who we are begins on the inside and not the outside. And what’s on the inside determines what we live on the outside.

The darkness those young people are experiencing within has begun in a place of fear…It’s a dark fear which begins inside our human hearts and drives us to places of discontentment, control, envy, hatred. It’s a fear which leads to selfishness and greed and the breakdown in human relationship; It’s a fear which leads to a despising of the other. And it’s a fear which is all about the darkness of absence. And God sees - and it is not good.

A few weeks ago I met a young girl who is most definitely not taking her value from her outward appearance. Muzoon is a Syrian refugee who knows all about the external darkness of absence. She has lived experiences which no young person should have to suffer. And during her time in a refugee camp in Jordan she used her time and energy to fight for the education of girls. She has become good friends with Malala (the Pakistani girl shot by the Taliban to try and silence her as she spoke out about girls’ education). These young women are both using their voices for good and speaking into the darkness of absence. 

Muzoon’s strength and beauty are palpable - and they come from within.”

The full sermon can be found here: https://www.google.co.uk/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=bishop%20of%20gloucester 

And now for my final trick, a little round up of how much we have raised for Infertility Network UK in only our first month from Isadore Intimates and our beautiful pants necklace… 

£500 :) :) :) :) :) 

Thank you all SO much for the support, love and pocket money that you have thrown at this project. It is genuinely making an astounding difference to women, men and pants wearers everywhere, and I am honoured to be it’s founder. 

This really is only the beginning and there are many many exciting things and plans to come for The Pants Project in 2017. We’re going big, so stay tuned and remember: all you need is pants. 

Thank you for 2016 - it’s been one of my favourite years to date, regardless of it’s madness, and that’s all down to you lot. 


Love always, 

Tasha x


One of my favourite Insta's from December- my beautiful peachy princess friend Jemima Wilson, in her favourite pair of undies.

One of my favourite Insta's from December- my beautiful peachy princess friend Jemima Wilson, in her favourite pair of undies.

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