(from September, 2016)

When you put yourself out into the big wide world of the interweb, you’re never really sure what you’ll get back. Launching The Pants Project and injecting Instagram with a steady feed of peachy bottoms, I was fully expecting the odd seedy soul-searcher and my mum to be our only fans- not so. A month in and we have nearly 500 followers, and for the first time in my life I have spoken to someone with MRKH (we are a rare and wonderful breed!) I am so overwhelmed with pride and gratitude for the little community of pants-loving-people that is steadily growing. The shares, the likes, the follows and messages of love and support have been so appreciated. Every time I post something the response makes me feel like I’m seven again and its Christmas!

            Now that the hysteria is out of the way, I can get on with telling you what we’ve been up to at The Pants Project. Apart from lots of #womencrushwednesdays and the odd tweet, we’ve been crazy busy. Too-many-emails-to-count have been sent back and forth to a collection of ab-fab designers from all over Britain, and right now, we have 12 gorgeous brands of pants lined up for all you lovely ladies! Without revealing too much at this stage (no spoiler alerts etc., that’s how the internet works right?), about half of those designers will be donating several pairs of undies for our Auction/Launch Party that’ll take place in December, whilst the other half will be available to buy via our website as an online collection- so that everyone can get their hands on some beaut pants. Nearer the time we will release the names of our designers (serious squad goals), but for now you’ll just have to trust me, they’re all wonderful!

            So what else. I’ve been in close contact with our charity Fertility Network UK who are super busy rebranding at the moment, but who have been really helpful with getting things off the ground. We will be doing a press release soon, as well as releasing a flyer into various infertility email networks. On the subject of press, a lovely girl called Bianca messaged me a few weeks ago. Bianca is the editor-in-chief of a gorgeous online editorial set up and run entirely by models, called Baltisoul. Baltisoul gives female models a voice and an outlet for creativity, which is something incredibly important- we must stop viewing our models as mannequins, they are so much more than a pretty face! So in May 2017 Baltisoul will be distributing it’s first ever print edition, and have asked us to be a part of it, to tell the world about all things pants and fertility- HOW EXCITING IS THAT? Earlier this week our in-house designer Charley Chiddle sent out some of her lovely handmade knickers to Bianca for a shoot in Sydney, Australia. So hopefully we’ll be seeing some Aussie peaches clad in gorgeous Pants Project undies soon! 

            Thanks to the most magnificent human Georgia Gold, yesterday was a big day. Georgia contacted me recently on Instagram and offered her stunning photography talent free of charge. Having been using temporary stock images on our website, naturally I jumped at the opportunity to have some original shots of gorgeous, natural beauties in their undies. Ten days later and sitting in my inbox is the most wonderful collection of utterly stunning photographs, taken by G, of all her girlfriends. Totally blown away is a bit of an understatement to be honest. This meant that we were able to redesign our website with original images and yesterday I was FINALLY able to let the site go live and share it on the infamous book of faces- big moment. Georgia, thank you so SO much.

            So drawing this ramble to a close, I just wanted to say a few more thank-you’s. Kitty, thank you for your constant love and radical animations/power puff girls/works of art- I AM IN LOVE and cannot wait to use them. Charley, thank you for your never ending support and love and pants and internships, I am beyond grateful! Lovely Natalie, thank you AGAIN for your beautiful graphics, the website looks divine. Thank you to everyone at Baltisoul, we are honoured to have been given this opportunity. Fertility Network UK, keep doing your amazing work- we will get there!

And finally, thank you to each and every one of you who has shown this project some love. I have been touched by the enthusiasm and warmth of strangers, family, and friends on countless occasions, and that’s what makes this all worth it. Onwards and upwards infertility fighters, we’re armed with pants and we’re not afraid to use them!

(I finished writing this blog post as Spice Girl’s Wannabe blasted out of my iTunes- it’s a sign guys 💪)

I found this on Tumblr and completely fell in love... it reminds me of my favourite book  Lolita .

I found this on Tumblr and completely fell in love... it reminds me of my favourite book Lolita.