(from August, 2016)


Hello and WELCOME to The Pants Project!

Since having the idea for The Pants Project back in January on a frosty dog walk, I have sent countless emails, spent half my life on hold and played kitchen paper toss too many times.

Come August, I couldn't wait any longer. Having received backing from the UK's biggest charity for fertility, Fertility Network UK (please check out their incredible work); I persuaded a graphic design student that it was more important than her degree (thank you Natalie!); and stumbled upon my designer in the heart of Cambodia (a story in itself, am I right Charley?). The Pants Project was born and the rest is history. We have a LOT to do (actually make/sell some pants!!) but we figured it was time to drum up some fertility fighters. I will be keeping you updated via a blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc etc so please keep following me on my path to pants righteousness, as I harass designers into making me some undies to raise some fund-ies (I feel like I can only get away with that once, so I'm using it now) and if you want to get involved, please do drop us a message- we need all the help we can get! I have met so many amazing people setting up The Pants Project so far and felt inspired throughout; The Pants Project is not a finished product, it is a journey in itself and I figured the sooner the world knows, the better. The revolution is only just getting started, but it's 2016 and we will fight for fertility! WATCH THIS SPACE!   

Baby me in THE BEST PANTS! 

Baby me in THE BEST PANTS!