Hello my gorgeous undies Army. 

Welcome to our new website! This will be the project’s home from now on- a place to hang up one’s knickers and kick back. Our new home is one of the many things I’ve been up to in the past two months. It’s been an extremely busy time for me: settling into university, writing essays, making friends, running a charity as a one-woman-show and maintaining a very special long distance relationship, AS WELL AS finding time for myself to just be a teenager- a term I struggle to call myself sometimes! 

    Here’s the part where I try to remember everything thats happened in October and November, so bare with me. I wrote an article for The Tab about MRKH and how it doesn’t define my womanhood and it got over 10,000 hits in 24 hours (feminism is hitting the big time baby), I wrote a piece for Was It Good For You (an awesome online safe space for each and every human bean to talk about sex artistically in any way they feel comfortable) and got to know it’s gorgeous fiery female founder Eliza Lawrence, I wrote a piece on Art and it’s connection to youth for Girl Online Mag (I wrote a lot…), I read a book called ‘I LOVE DICK’ by Chris Kraus about the misinterpretation or oppression of female expression and how that’s harmful to society (definitely worth a read), I started collecting some STUNNING pants for our auction to be held at our launch party on Valentine’s weekend 2017, I got a shout out from Iskra Lawrence (body-pozzi el supreme queen) on Instagram as well as one from the lovely sustainable fashion collective Stories Behind Things, Hillary lost her fight for womankind (I cried), I bought ‘Babe’ by Petra Collins (beyond excited to read it over Christmas break) and finally, The Pants Project celebrated National Infertility Awareness Week by launching it’s first product, the beautiful sterling silver knickers necklace, designed by my lovely friend Frances Vinycomb, who donated £20 from each sale to our charity, Fertility Network UK. Aaaand breathe. 

    So what have you got to look forward to? Oh, you lucky lucky people. I am SO excited to announce that we will be collaborating with Isadore Intimates on our exclusive online collection, that is available to buy via our website now! Isadore will be donating 25% of profits from each sale of undies, to our charity Fertility Network UK, which is just aaamazing.

    We are in the process of finalising our list of designers that will be donating to our auction and attending our Pants Party in London on Valentine's weekend to celebrate the launch of our project. This Pants Party will be open to all who want to fight fertility and promises to be the party of the year. We will be creating an event on Facebook soon, so keep your eyes peeled and RSVP asap before spaces fill up!

    There are many more exciting things to come from The Pants Project and I will be keeping your updated via Instagram, so make sure you give us a follow and send us a picture of yourself in your Pants Project necklace or Isadore Intimates!

Thank you SO much to everyone who has supporting me and the project so far, as always I am blown away and feeling very humbled. 

Lots of love as always,


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If you can find a more iconic picture of pants, I applaud you.&nbsp;

If you can find a more iconic picture of pants, I applaud you.